Important Enrollment Guidelines

Enrollment Deadlines


December 7th is fast approaching, and we all know that with the end of AEP comes the inevitable onslaught of last-minute apps. In light of this we wanted to quickly remind you of the rules of engagement surrounding the end of AEP on Medicare Select-a-Plan:

  • All AEP apps must be submitted successfully by 11:59:59pm (23:59:59) on December 7th in the local time of the plan in which the customer wishes to enroll.
  • Apps may not be started before that time and submitted afterwards… they must be completed and submitted successfully, without errors, by that time.

We recommend that agents try to their best to submit their final few apps as far ahead of this deadline as possible to account for the time needed to correct any errors that may occur on submission, just in case they arise.

Here are two demonstrative examples:

  1. An agent lives in California, and is writing an app for customer who lives on the east coast and is applying for a plan with a service area in the Eastern time zone.
    This app needs to be submitted successfully, without errors, by 11:59:59 pm in Eastern Time on 12/7.
  2. An agent clicks “submit” at 11:59 pm on 12/7 in the local time of the plan, but there is an error upon submission. It takes the agent 2 minutes to correct the error on the app and clicks “submit” again at 12:01am on 12/8. Since the successful submission didn’t occur until 12/8, this app will count as a 12/8 app and will not qualify for AEP.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

Thank you so much for using Medicare Select-a-Plan and we wish you a healthy, safe, and successful rest of your AEP selling season.

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