Lead Programs

GarityAdvantage now provides agents with several valuable tools allowing agents to build their book of business and reach a greater amount of highly-qualified leads.  Please take a look at our newest lead programs and contact us if you have any questions on getting started.

Available Lead Programs

First $1000 Co-Op

Co-Op opportunities are available to actively producing agents interested in investing in their future. 

AEP Lead Programs

GarityAdvantage is negotiating with carriers NOW to offer free leads to our agents – distributed through ZOHO Lead Platform, Community Meetings advertised by carriers, provider marketing, and much more!

Free Calling Lists

Access T65, Medicare, Final Expense names to help you jumpstart your business. GarityAdvantage has exclusive access to senior databases to run targeted lists for you to call and/or mail. 


Getting hold of a targeted list of seniors to call is only half the battle for insurance producers who rely on telemarketing.  The other half is finding the time to dial through the entire list.  GarityAdvantage knows this struggle quote well and has partnered with SalesDialers.com to provide our experienced telesales brokers with a tool to help them substantially increase productivity and, ultimately, sales.