Your Medicare Supplement
Solutions Toolkit

TOOLS for SUCCESS: Bookmark this page and refer to it for tips, downloadable tools, and guidance.

5 Steps to Success

  1. Build your brand – market yourself as an expert
    • If you aren’t an expert, become an expert!
    • Practice your “pitch”
  2. Plan your work and work your plan!
    • How many appointments do you need per week to sell 50 new cases this year?
  3. Get Referrals from people you know
    • Talk to your under 65 clients – they have parents on Medicare
  4. Find and Develop Centers of Influence
    • Community Based volunteering
  5. Purchase & Generate Leads from a variety of sources – Don’t be a lead junkie!

Contacting Leads Starting Point Tools

Medicare Supplement Learning Tools Become and Expert (or at least sound like one)

Med Supp E-book

The Basics

Medicare 101 Webinar

More Basics: This webinar covers Medicare for Beginners

Medicare 102 Webinar

Beyond the Basics: This webinar covers Medicare in depth. 

Plan G Video

Short video explaining why smart brokers are selling Plan G.

Find Prospects Potential clients are everywhere. Our lead diversification chart will give you ideas. For more detailed tips, check out the following options:

Lead Generation

  • Cold Calling – #1 Method of Top Producers
  • T65 Lists
    • Lists can be obtained at your Town Hall for free
    • List vendors offer lists you can purchase. Ask us if you qualify for co-op
  • T-65 Mailings
    • Limited # of Mailable Records Per Month (About 5,000/month in CT)
    • Expect 1-4% Response Rate (1,000 records = 10-40 replies)
    • Heavily Marketed – so Best Results come from 3-6 months out

Garity Lead Options

  • GarityAdvantage offers 50/50 Co-op for agents writing at least 30 Medicare Cases per year
  • Build your book, cross sell & earn “frequent flyer” co-op as you produce more!
  • Calling Lists
  • SalesDialer
  • Direct Mail
  • See all of our lead options!
Lead Diversification Pie Chart

Contacting Leads Starting Point Tools for Contacting Prospects

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