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As the leading independent distributor of life and health insurance leads and products, Integrity’s centralized approach allows agents a platform for growth, connecting you with lead providers from a variety of sources. Register now with your NPN number.

LeadCENTER Training Guides/Downloads

Getting Started

Did you know you can have quality leads delivered right to your MedicareCENTER CRM? All it takes is a few simple steps to set up campaigns in LeadCENTER. Then, at the flip of a switch, you can check in to have real-time leads delivered right to your MedicareCENTER account!
It all starts from the Dashboard in MedicareCENTER. Click the Get Started button at the top of the page and follow the steps to create a campaign and purchase leads. Then, toggle your “online” status to check in and make yourself available for new leads. It’s an exciting new addition to an already powerful system, and we hope you take advantage of it!
Download the tip sheet on accessing real-time leads available through or from the MedicareCENTER Mobile App. View a quick tutorial video on getting started here.
Use this powerful platform to help take your business to new levels during AEP and all year round!

Searching for Leads

High-quality leads are key to building your business and thriving all year round, and new local leads help you serve your local area even better! That’s where LeadCENTER’s integration with MedicareCENTER comes in, making it simple to:
  • Search leads directly by county/state
  • Create campaigns by ZIP code or county, delivering real-time data and phone leads
  • Maximize your time between appointments to find new local prospects
  • Toggle real-time lead availability so you can work where and when you choose
Download the step-by-step tip sheet on ZIP code searching for leads.
Get started today in your MedicareCENTER CRM. Connect easily with LeadCENTER to create campaigns and to find and purchase leads that suit your goals and budget. This powerful solution makes it easier than ever to produce more in your local area. These easy-to-use features are available to you through or the MedicareCENTER Mobile App.

Video Tutorials

Getting Started

LeadCENTER Getting Started

7:40 min

Getting Registered

LeadCENTER Getting Registered Video

1:30 min

Integration in MedicareCENTER

LeadCENTER Integration in MedicareCENTER

1:28 min

Lead Integration Tutorial

LeadCENTER Lead Integration Tutorial

3:28 min