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Guarantee Trust Life’s Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke coverage was designed to fill the gaps in traditional health plans to provide your clients with more complete protection against the costs of living with cancer or suffering a heart attack or stroke.

While many positive steps have been made in cancer research, cancer treatments can be very expensive. Do your clients have the funds to pay for the hospital expenses, treatments and prescriptions should your clients be diagnosed with cancer?

Your clients WANT this protection. Your clients NEED this protection.

CHS Protection Plus Features:

    • Lump sum benefit paid directly to you upon diagnosis of cancer, heart attack and stroke 
    • Benefit amounts from $10,000 to $75,000 (in increments of $5,000)
    • Reoccurrence Benefits starting after only one year
    • Heart Attack and Stroke Rider
    • Therapy and Wellness Rider
    • Intensive Care Ride
    • Return of Premium Rider
    • Individual, single parent, couple and family coverage available

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