Introducing our new partner RSSA


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Introducing our New Partner, RSSA

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with RSSA, The National Association of Registered Social Security Analysts. Using their comprehensive online platform, RSSA trains professionals to become Social Security experts.

With over 2,728 rules governing the program, Social Security is complicated. The vast majority of retirees make a suboptimal claiming decision, losing tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in potential income. Many even face devastating clawbacks from overpayments that they erroneously received from the SSA. Help your clients optimize their Social Security benefits, getting every dollar they are entitled to.

We are thrilled to share that our agents have the opportunity to become Registered Social Security Analysts, trusted Social Security experts. RSSA will be providing Social Security planning education and resources to our agents who sign up for the program.

Social Security is the Golden Key to opening doors to ancillary sales of Medicare, Life Insurance, Annuities & Assets Under Management. Differentiate yourself, strengthen your current client relationships, attract new clients, expand your business, and organically transition to insurance sales.

Agents with 3 or more MA contracts through GarityAdvantage receive over $1000 off the regular training and certification rates. Contact GarityAdvantage today to learn more about how you can become a Registered Social Security Analyst and propel your Medicare insurance business to a whole new level!

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Tori Glotfelty

Tori Glotfelty

Recruitment Marketing Manager
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