It’s Not Too Late to Onboard With Envision!

A lot has happened in the Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) market over the past year. The biggest news came when CVS purchased Aetna and, as a term of the sale, Aetna sold their massive PDP book of business to Wellcare—impacting over 2.5 million seniors. Now these PDP clients are receiving their ANOC letters informing them that their Aetna plan is now a Wellcare plan–causing many seniors to question their new carrier and how their drugs will be covered moving forward.

For brokers, this level of market disruption can be either a good thing or bad – all depending on how you respond when your clients come calling. At GarityAdvantage, we work with our agents to ensure they are properly positioned in the PDP market to take full advantage of this year’s migration.


One carrier partner we want you to be aware of this season is EnvisionRx—an independent PDP provider who has established themselves as a key player in the low cost PDP market year after year. PDP is their only product line. They are small and highly focused, but growing fast and, unlike many of the big carriers, Envision pays the maximum allowable commission by CMS. Our agents have been pleased with both the broker support and the customer service they provide their members, leaving you more time to sell.

To help you best service your agents in the PDP space this coming AEP, we strongly suggest you take the Envision contract. Click here to view the benefits and the service area, and click this link to request contracting.

Best wishes for a successful AEP season!