Enrollment Do’s and Don’ts 2020

Enrollment Do's and Don'ts

Follow These Helpful Enrollment Reminders for a Successful AEP

As you know, Medicare Enrollments are subject to strict submission time frames implemented by CMS. To ensure a smooth process every time, please follow this helpful list of Do’s & Don’ts when submitting your applications.

Electronic Submissions
DO: Submit your apps though the NEW Enrollment Submission Tool on our Agent Dashboard

DON’T: Email your enrollments! We no longer accept enrollments via email for security reasons.

DO: Track your submissions via the Agent Dashboard

Fax Submissions
DON’T: Submit more than one application per upload or fax transmission.

DO: Use the Fax Cover Sheet and mark if the submission is NEW or a CHANGE/CORRECTION. This cuts down on duplicate submissions!

Ensure Accuracy
DON’T: Forget to submit ALL pages of the enrollment application.
For example; we have noticed many Aetna apps coming in without the first page. Aetna requires this page for the submission to be considered a full enrollment.
Double check your submissions!

DO: Check client zip codes for accuracy.

DON’T: Forget to complete ALL of the required information on the application.
For example; UHC applications for Medicare Advantage and PDP have an additional agent received date “signature date” that must be completed. Double check your submissions!

DO: Double check that you received a confirmation of your enrollment submission. If you enroll by fax, check your fax confirmation pages. If you enroll through the online submission tool, make sure your enrollment shows on the submitted apps page.

DO: Contact us with any questions/issues: 800-234-9488 or brokersupport@garityadvantage.com