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Many families face unexpected expenses after the death of a loved one due to funeral costs, medical expenses, or possibly credit card bills. Final expense insurance is permanent life insurance coverage designed to help cover these costs when the insured dies, easing the financial burden on loved ones.* Preparing financially can help your clients alleviate some of their family’s stress in a time when they are grieving.
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When your clients buy Single Premium Whole Life insurance from Royal Neighbors, one simple and convenient lump-sum payment provides fully paid-up whole life insurance with a guaranteed death benefit. The amount they leave to their beneficiaries will be higher than their lump-sum premium payment.

This type of coverage may be a good option for your clients if:

  • They are between the ages of 45 and 80.
  • They have a minimum of $10,000 earmarked to leave to loved ones.
  • They want to leave a portion of your death benefit to a charitable cause.
  • They wish to supplement the life insurance you already have.

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*This is not a funeral or burial contract and does not specifically cover funeral goods and services. The death benefit is paid to the designated beneficiary(s) who may use the proceeds for any purpose. This life insurance does not guarantee that the proceeds will be sufficient to pay for any particular goods or services, nor that those goods or services will be provided by any particular provider.