CarePartners of CT
Thank you for your interest in CarePartners of Connecticut (CPCT) Medicare Advantage products.
CarePartners is a Joint Venture between Tufts Health Plan and Hartford Healthcare; they bring a unique model of care to your clients that should lead to better health outcomes, more client satisfaction and stronger renewals for you.

Get Contracted

Choose one of the contracting methods below.

  • This link below is a reference guide to assist you in your user registration and profile set up:

    User Guide – SuranceBay Account Registration

    Please begin the contracting process by clicking the “COMPLETE ONLINE CONTRACT” link below.

    CarePartners contracting will be processed through GarityAdvantage’s online portal – SuranceBay.

    There are 3 steps to completing contracting:

    1. Register a User Account
      • Choose create a NEW user
      • You will need to provide your Last Name, SSN, and DOB
    2. Set up your User Profile
      • Provide business and EFT info, answer background questions and E&O policy number
    3. Check off Carrier Contracts to submit and states to appoint in
      • Choose CarePartners from list of GarityAdvantage carriers


    GarityAdvantage Agencies is the exclusive marketing partner of CarePartners of Connecticut; all commissions will be processed through our online commission portal, subject to the terms of the CarePartners commission agreement.

    A few notes:

    • Broker commissions will be paid at full CMS allowable street level
    • State appointment fees will be deducted from your first commission payment
    • All payments will be made to EFT
    • Commissions statements will be emailed monthly, and available on our online broker portal

    After you submit your contract, we will follow up with contract status and details to get you selling.

    Please call or email us with any questions:
    800-234-9488 |

Get Certified

Follow these instructions to get properly certified with CarePartners of Connecticut to sell Medicare products:

2021 Certification Portal

Website log-in/registration required
This page will bring you to the training material. Review all pages and click “Take the Test” to proceed to the certification.


  • You MUST upload your AHIP certificate before you can proceed to the test questions. If you have not taken the AHIP, do so before proceeding to the CarePartners of Connecticut Certification.
  • All test questions must be answered.
  • You are allowed 3 ATTEMPTS to pass this certification.
  • You must score higher than 85% to pass.
  • Test is not compatible with Microsoft Edge. Use Chrome or Explorer.