Clear Spring Health is offering a $0 HMO and a $0 PPO plan

Clear Spring Health is coming on strong this AEP offering a $0 HMO and a $0 PPO plan in key counties across Virginia – including some counties where no other $0 plans exist!

They’ve also enhanced their 2020 plans with a $1000 dental, $250 copay for hearing aids, and a great $0 copay Tele-Medicine benefit. 

If you haven’t contracted with Clear Spring yet, now is the time to do so to be sure you are Ready to Sell this AEP. 

Already contracted? For those who’ve contracted with Clear Spring Health prior to July 22, 2019, YOU NEED TO RECONTRACT AGAIN FOR 2020. Why? Clear Spring is implementing a new comprehensive system for contracting, lead management, electronic enrollment, and tracking business and commissions and they require you to re-contract for 2020 in order to use this all new agent system. It’s taking only minutes to accomplish for many agents.

Don’t delay in getting on board. Clear Spring Health is rolling out an aggressive media campaign in the markets they serve using TV, media, and digital advertising. Be sure you have the answers in hand when your clients come to you with Clear Spring Health questions!