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Garity has partnered with NCG to supply our agents with a free consultation service as well as an exclusive:

Social Media Start-Up Package

This package includes the creation of fresh new Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business pages, designed to give you access to the platforms necessary to build your online presence.

NCG also offers separate Social Media Management Services on which they will create compliant posts across your social platforms each week.

For more information on what NAMRA Consulting Group can offer you, visit

NAMRA Consulting Group strives to assist corporate executives and other senior managers in discovering and achieving their companies’ full potential. Their mission is to help clients attain unparalleled success by capitalizing on key opportunities for growth and improvement. The main goal of this firm is to develop trusting partnerships with clients, and believing that the success of their clients is their own.

NAMRA believes that the best practices are those that create lasting value and positive change. Achieving this requires insights into economics, markets and organization dynamics. NCG considers every assignment as a unique set of opportunities and constraints for which no standard solution will be adequate.