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Garity Wellcare Lead Program Terms & Conditions:

  • I agree to accept leads within 24 hours of assignment in Zoho.

  • I agree to call leads right away.

  • I agree to update the lead status in Zoho within 72 hours of acceptance.

  • I agree to update outcomes of scheduled appointments within 2 days of appointment.
  • I understand that these EXCLUSIVE leads may become shared leads after a certain time unless I update the lead management system to accurately reflect that an appointment has been set or a sale has been made.
  • I understand that these are Wellcare leads and that I am to lead with Wellcare product.

Note: This is a FREE lead program sponsored by GarityAdvantage Brokerage Agencies. We reserve the right to alter or change the program at any time. The decision to include or exclude individual agents from the FREE lead program will be made exclusively by GarityAdvantage.

By completing this form and providing your name, email, postal or residential address, and/or phone number, you hereby expressly consent to receive electronic and other communications from GarityAdvantage Agencies, over the short term and periodically, including email communications. These communications will be about their services, new product offers, promotions, and other matters. You may opt out of receiving electronic communications at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions contained in each communication, or by sending an email to You agree that these electronic communications satisfy any legal requirements that communications or notices to you be in writing.