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2024 CCC+ LEAD PROGRAM/ZOHO TRAINING You must watch the entire video to access attestation link.

Each agent will need to disposition leads in their Zoho account with the results on a daily basis.  We will be spot checking results daily to ensure calls are being made and will look for proper dispositions (wins, appt set, call back, etc.).  If we see results, you’ll continue to receive leads.  If leads are not being called and dispositioned properly, we will have to pull the leads. Please don’t let this happen to you.
Below is the recorded training on dispositioning the leads properly. We are asking that you watch the training below, so you know how to disposition properly. You must watch the entire video to access attestation link. Once we get the attestation returned, we will get your Zoho account set up. 
When you submit the attestation, you will be redirected to complete a form where you will request the VA Regions you prefer to work leads. Upon completion of that form, you will be given access to the call scripts.