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We’re always on the lookout for life insurance carriers who give you what you want – solid product offerings, and great service and support. We’ve added Foresters to our line-up because it has all of that – plus a great difference that we’ll talk about shortly. First, here’s what we like about Foresters:

  • They have exceptional, easy-to-qualify-for rewards
  • They have a solid product offering
  • They pay you fast
  • They have exceptional support
  • They’re financially strong and here for the long term
  • More details here…

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Member Benefits

  • Benefits available to all eligible insureds, as Foresters members:

  • Competitive Scholarships
  • Terminal Illness Loan
  • Orphan Benefits
  • Everyday Money
  • Legal Link


Foresters members include insureds under Foresters certificates. Members’ immediate family members may also be eligible to apply for certain member benefits. Foresters member benefits are non-contractual, subject to benefit-specific eligibility requirements and limitations, and may be changed or canceled without notice.

Plus – there’s the Foresters Difference
When you contract with Foresters, you’re not just getting another life insurance carrier. Foresters does not have shareholders. Instead, they invest in their members, their members’ families and the communities where they live.

As members, when your clients purchase life insurance with Foresters they may be eligible to get real benefits in times of need – many of them complimentary. Here’s an example:

Suppose your client is married with three children – ages 1, 3 and 5. If the client and their spouse were to die, Foresters would pay their life insurance death benefit – just like other insurers. Plus:

Foresters Orphan Scholarships member benefit could provide up to $72,000 in scholarships for their three children ($6,000 for each child for four years).

Foresters Orphan benefits could pay up to $486,000 in benefits for the care of their three children ($900 a month per child until that child turns 18).

That’s up to an additional $558,000 in benefits – just for becoming a member when your client applies for life insurance with Foresters.

Now,  let’s get you contracted!

We’re excited to offer you this opportunity to start selling a line of insurance products from an organization dedicated to providing what you want – and making a real difference to its members.

 ATTN: MA, CT & NM Agents 
 If you do business in Connecticut, New Mexico or Massachusetts,
 you need a  Fraternal license, a life license is not valid.

 Fraternal License Process (Instructions)

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