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For more than 20 years, Humana has provided medicare plans for senior adults and certain individuals with disabilities.  Their plans provide coverage beyond Original Medicare and the peace of mind that comes with predictable costs. In addition, Humana offers a wide range of extra services, as well as personalized guidance to help members make healthcare decisions with confidence.



Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans 
All-in-One Plans: Health Benefits Combined with Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage
Our three easy-to-use Medicare Advantage plans combine health and prescription drug benefits – plus extra services and healthy lifestyle programs such as MyHumana, Humana Active Outlook®, and the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program. Members also receive Humana’s award-winning, consumer-friendly SmartSummary RxSM statement every month.*
Humana Gold Plus® – Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

Your clients choose a primary care physician (PCP) to coordinate care but have the freedom to change their PCP at any time. This plan offers broad coverage and predictable copayments for most services, making it easier for members to budget for healthcare. 

This HMO with a Medicare contract is available to anyone currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan or in Part B and entitled to Part A of Medicare through age or disability. Limitations and copayments apply.

HumanaChoicePPO® – Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Your clients have lower out-of-pocket costs when they choose from a broad network of doctors and hospitals – but they also have the freedom to choose providers outside the network and pay a larger portion of the costs. Members don’t need referrals. 

This Medicare-approved PPO is available to anyone currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan or in Part B and entitled to Part A of Medicare through age or disability. Limitations and copayments apply.

Humana Gold Choice® – Private Fee For Service (PFFS)

Your clients maintain the freedom to select any doctor or hospital – as long as the provider accepts Medicare, which means they accept the plan’s payment terms. Since this plan has no network, members can use their plan anywhere in the United States. 

This Medicare-approved PFFS plan is available to anyone currently enrolled in a Medicare Advantage Plan or in Part B and entitled to Part A of Medicare through age or disability. Limitations and copayments apply.

Medicare Supplement Plans 
Traditional Supplemental Plans to Complement Original Medicare Parts A and B

Humana Medicare Supplement Plans offer your clients peace of mind through:

  • Protection against gaps in Medicare coverage 
  • Freedom to choose any healthcare provider that accepts Medicare and payment terms 
  • Guaranteed renewal

All Medicare supplements – labeled A, B, C, F, High Deductible F, K, and L – offer the same standardized benefits. So it’s important for your clients to consider extra services – like Humana Active Outlook and SilverSneakers – as well as a company’s experience serving people with Medicare.

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs)
Three Rx Options with Varying Levels of Coverage

Your clients have probably heard a lot about Medicare’s prescription drug coverage, otherwise known as “Medicare Part D.” The most important thing to remember is that Medicare PDPs aren’t available directly through Medicare – your clients have to join a plan offered by a private company like Humana. Your clients can choose from three different Humana plans with varying levels of coverage: Standard, Enhanced, and Complete. All of Humana’s PDPs include extra services, including Humana Active Outlook, RightSourceSM mail-order prescription service, and the SmartSummary Rx monthly statement. 

These Medicare PDPs are available to anyone currently enrolled in Medicare Part A or Part B.

Extra Services and Program
Here’s more information about value-added services available to Humana MA, PDP, and Medicare Supplement members.
RightSource mail-order prescription service
MA and PDP members can order prescription drugs by phone or online and have them delivered to their homes. Members can order an extended supply (90 days) of covered prescription drugs through mail-order at a lower out-of-pocket cost.
SmartSummary Rx monthly statement
MA and PDP members receive Humana’s award-winning statement every month. In language that’s easy to read and understand, SmartSummary Rx summarizes prescription drug benefits, explains how plan members may be able to save money, and offers tips on planning for expenses.
Members can log in to MyHumana – a password-protected, personal home page on – to review benefits, use health and pharmacy tools, look up medical and prescription claims, and find health information and resources.
Health Resources
Those with serious or chronic medical conditions may be eligible for Humana programs that help members manage their health, make informed decisions, and avoid complications.
Humana Active Outlook
Through Humana Active Outlook mailings, online content, seminars, and classes, members receive exciting information for healthy living, Medicare news and updates, and valuable discounts and coupons.
SilverSneakers Fitness Program
Most Humana MA plans include a membership in the SilverSneakers Fitness Program.** Participants receive a free basic fitness center membership at any participating SilverSneakers facility. Members can also take part in group exercise classes and work with trained advisors to develop a personal fitness plan. SilverSneakers is designed for members at all fitness levels.

*SmartSummary Rx received the Stevie Award in the Best New Product category at the 2006 American Business Awards. 

**The SilverSneakers Fitness Program is available to most Humana plan members who live within 15 miles of a metropolitan service area. Members outside of the service area can take part in SilverSneakers Steps®. SilverSneakers is NOT available to Humana members in Pennsylvania; Nebraska; San Antonio, TX (HMO only); and Phoenix, AZ (HMO only).

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