Humana Certifications 2020

Humana 2020 Certifications
June 25th

Humana Certification Portal
(Access Humana MarketPoint University through the Education Card)

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Humana 2020 Certification FAQs

  1. Will 2020 certs cover an agent for 2019, as long as 2019 certs weren’t failed?
    • Yes, an agent can sell 2019 and 2020 plans after completing 2020 certification, as long as they did not fail 2019 certification last year.
  2. What is the cost of AHIP through Humana?
    • AHIP cost is $125 when accessed through the Humana Agent Portal. If an agent goes direct to AHIP, the cost is $175 and there is not a way for Humana to reimburse.
  3. No 2020 face to face trainings?
    • Correct, no face to face trainings required!
  4. Are agents able to pre-order supplies for AEP?
    • Yes, agents are able to complete a module within the cert course to pre-order supplies. The order site for marketing materials is scheduled to open on July 17th.  Agents who recert/new cert before this date will get an e-mail notification with the link to order supplies as soon as the order site opens.
  5. Can agents be reimbursed for AHIP based upon Humana sales?  What are the guidelines?
    • AHIP Reimbursement Requirements
      • Agent took the AHIP course & exam through the Humana Agent Portal (paid $125)
      • Agent successfully enrolled ten (10) MA OR forty (40) PDP Plans
      • Plan must have a January 1st effective date and must be accreted with CMS by March 3rd
      • Plan is effective for at least 90 days