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6 Steps to Onboarding with GarityAdvantage

Step 1: Get Contracted with the carriers available in your market

  • Medicare Advantage plans are filed by county. Some products may be available in one county, but not another. It is important to have multiple carriers and products available in your state.
  • Choosing the right plan is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Part of the sales process is to ask your clients questions about their current needs. This includes checking their medications, network providers and pharmacies as well as member extras like vision, dental, hearing and fitness benefits. An understanding of your client’s individual preferences will narrow down their plan options and help them reach a decision.
  • Use the GarityAdvantage quoting tool or Medicare Select-a-Plan consumer site to find plans in your zip code(s), or speak with your local territory leadership for help selecting carriers
  • Request contracts HERE
  • Make certain to complete contract requests as soon as you get them. If you need assistance, request support from our Contracting/Onboarding Team.

Step 2: Get Certified & Ready to Sell – Pass AHIP & Complete Carrier Contracts and Certifications

  • After completing carrier contracts you will receive links to begin the certification process for each carrier. You can also find certification links and guides on our website.
  • The very first option, regardless of carrier, will be the AHIP exam. You will have 3 attempts to pass this exam. If you do not pass after your first try, please let local territory leadership know so they can offer guidance. Do this before you start any other certifications. AHIP will transfer from one carrier to the next. Review AHIP discount options from the carriers on our website. Upload your AHIP Certificate to GarityAdvantage.
  • Now you are ready to complete the individual carrier product specific training modules. These will be much shorter than the AHIP exam!
  • Once the certifications are complete, you will need to wait an average of 7-10 business days (may be longer in the weeks right before AEP) to receive your Writing Number. Aetna will be the exception to this average, they take about 14-21 business days to issue a Writing Number. This number will come in a “Ready to Sell” email. Once you have your Writing ID, you will be ready to sell and will gain access to carrier portal resources. You are now onboarded!

Step 3: Learn Medicare and become an expert

Step 4: Explore Carrier Resources

  • Carrier portals will be your go-to for doing business – get familiar with how to use the portal. Request a walk-through with your Sales Support Specialist, if you need help.
  • Sign up for training, order supplies, download forms, and look for alerts and product updates
  • Look for mailers and other carrier marketing resources that you may want to use
  • Consider reaching out to the local carrier reps and introduce yourself. They are valuable resources to agents.

Step 5: Take Action to Ensure Your Success

  • Watch our Jump-start Your SEP Action Plan webcast to learn where you will find business
  • Set your sales goals, List 5 opportunities you want to pursue and the action items to help you get moving! Share this with local territory leadership so they are aware of your goals and action items and can be of support and help you take action. Access the Action Plan Template here
  • Sign up for webcasts and live trainings
  • Opt-in to Garity’s email announcements and get important news in your inbox!
  • Talk to local territory leadership about marketing resources

Step 6: Explore our website

  • Go to the New Agent Dashboard for enrollment resources, tele-sales tools, view contracts and submitted apps, and more!
  • Keep your eyes and ears open for upcoming opportunities – retail store hours, provider marketing opportunities, new lead programs, lead calling nights and more
  • Talk to your Territory Manager about what opportunities are available in your area
  • Surround yourself with high producers! Your local leadership can help with this.
  • Jumpstart your marketing strategy using GarityAdvantage’s $1,000 Fast Start 50/50 Co-op marketing support and our free marketing collateral development services:

Questions? Get in touch below!