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Lead Call Blitz Guide

WELCOME! We are excited to invite you to participate in our Lead Call blitz! Bookmark this page as it contains all the information you need for a successful Call Blitz.



The goal is to get through all leads that are placed in your Zoho account the day of the blitz.


You will be able to work these from 11 am – 7 pm the day of the blitz.  No calls after 7 PM the day of the Blitz. 


It is very important you follow the scripts we offer as closely as possible as they have been proven to work to get appointments scheduled.  The scripts for each type of lead can be downloaded here.


Please be prepared to enroll these members virtually, at the time of the call.  

Leaving Messages

You should leave messages!  If you follow the beginning part of the script and any other parts that will grab their attention, you will get some calls back.  The leads will remain in your Zoho account until the following day at 12 pm for the purpose of call backs and updating leads before they are pulled and recycled.  

After the Blitz

Once the Blitz is over, all leads that have been properly dispositioned as a scheduled appointment or a win will remain in your account for 7 days and all others will be removed from the Zoho account.  It is expected that all scheduled appointments be updated with appointment outcome within 7 days.  We recycle leads that have not been sold weekly and add new as we plan new Blitz’s.

Updating Leads

All leads must be properly updated by the lead status field, notes field, as well as appointment date & time. All leads will be pulled back the following day.

The only leads that will remain in your box are leads marked with the following:

Appointment Set – MUST have date & time listed…if they scheduled a time for a call back, please note this as appointment with scheduled date and time.


We recommend downloading the Zoho CRM app on your mobile device. This will allow you to disposition on the go or right after an appointment. You can find information on our Lead Program Toolbox.

Virginia Brokers Only:

***Important Reminder for Optima CCC+, VA Premier CCC+ & Anthem CCC+***

You must always keep these members aligned with their CCC+ provider. If you’re calling Optima CCC+, you may only enroll in Optima DSNP.  If you’re calling Anthem CCC+, you may only enroll in Anthem DSNP. If an agent does not follow this rule, they will be removed from the program. 

We are so excited to offer you this lead opportunity and hope you make lots of sales!

Contact your Sales Support Specialist if you have any questions!