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Care Partners of Connecticut

2022 Certifications

Click the link for the 2022 CarePartners Broker Certification! The link will take you to a BrainShark where you will complete the required information on the “Guestbook” page, review 15 slides and answer 8 questions. You will need to score 85% or better. Good luck.
  • Once completed, you will receive an email confirmation with a certificate from “”. No need to forward it to us as we will also receive confirmation of your completion, but …
    **** Please email a copy of your 2022 AHIP certification to
  • If you are not currently contracted, please complete the certification and send your 2022 AHIP along with a contract request to indicating which upline you will be utilizing and we will provide you with the necessary contract.
Contact David Pallotta via email at or call (860) 202-5658 with questions.