United Healthcare FAQS

UHC Enrollment FAQ’s


        EMAIL OK?    

        FAX OK?    


     RPPO YES YES  No 
     PDP YES YES  No 
     SCO No No YES 

    Medicare Supplement enrollments can be emailed & faxed when NO live check accompanies the application.

    Medicare Supplement
     enrollments MUST be mailed when a live check accompanies the application.

    If the enrollments are listed as accepted by email or fax this is the preferred method!

  • ENROLLMENT EMAIL – enrollment@garityadvantage.com Please put “New Business” in the subject line. You will recieve an auto-repsonse email verifying that the enrollment email has been received.

    Enrollment Fax – (781) 982-1887

    • Faxing: Please be sure to include a cover page for each application and put “Attention Heidi”
    • Use a separate cover page for each enrollment

    Once you email or fax an application in please Do Not send in the originals. This can cause duplication in our system and delay the processing of the first application submitted.

    Aarp Mailing Address: For Medicare Supplement Enrollments – Only

    AARP – Medicare Supplement New Business
    4868 GA Highway 85
    Forrest Park, GA 30297


Scope of Appointment Form (SOA)


Outbound Enrollment Verification (OEV)

  • A: DSS Research

  • 1) Did the sales agent explain the network of pharmacies to you?

    • It is imperative that agents use the term “Network” when speaking with clients about pharmacies.

    2) Did the sales agent tell you that we would be calling to verify your enrollment?

    • Agents must advise every MA, MAPD, and PDP client about the OEV call.

    3) The plan you have chosen is a Medicare Advantage Plan. It is not Original Medicare and it is not a Medigap or Medicare Supplemental insurance plan. Did the sales agent explain this to you?

    • This questions corresponds with the OEV Checklist question that states “Do you understand you have applied for a Medicare Advantage Plan?” Agents can ask the client to write “Not a supplement” next to that question on the OEV Checklist.


    • Agents may ask the client to remove the OEV checklist from the enrollment kit and place it near their phone or on their refrigerator.  We have found that clients are more likely to use the checklist during the survey if it is somewhere where they will see it when the OEV call comes in.  The 2012 Enrollment Kits have the OEV Checklist perforated so clients may remove it more easily.
    • Agents may use a yellow highlighter to highlight anything on the checklist that the client is having trouble with.
    • Make sure the client knows that the call will come from DSS research, not UnitedHealth Care. 
    • Agents should advise the client that if they are confused or have any questions after the call takes place, they can call the agent back with any questions.
    • Clients may make notes on the OEV Checklist.
    • Agents need to remember that OEV calls are done for both Medicare Advantage and Part D products.
    • Agents may not make any changes to the OEV checklist, including writing on the list (with anything other than a yellow highlighter), tearing the list out of the book, using the OEV Checklist for anything other than the express purpose of helping the client to remember what was gone over during the presentation.