Settlers Life

Why Settlers Life?

  • Experience – Their history spans over 80 years of providing end of life solutions. Final Expense is all they do!
  • Compensation – One of the highest commission payouts (first year and renewals) in the industry
    • “Benchmark Bonus” Production Bonuses
      Earn a monthly bonus starting at $350 for $3,334 of production.
      An additional 10% to 12% Benchmark Bonus available to all producers.
    • “Expedition-2-Excellence”
      1st Year Reward Program for New Partners (Bonded Leather portfolio, Monogramed polo or dress shirt, gift cards, cash and More!)
    • “Come Home”
      Earn a Trip to Grove Park Inn in Asheville NC – $12,500 net annualized premium within 90 days of writing your first application!
    • “Liberty & Luxury”
      2019 Sales Conference – NYC to Bermuda Cruise! 
  • 100% Commission Vesting upon appointment
  • Retirement – Lifetime Renewal Commissions (you and/or your beneficiary are paid full renewal commissions for life… even if you die or stop writing with them.)
  • Daily advance commissions and electronic pay
  • Claims – They exist to pay claims. Over $297 million paid from 2000-2013.
  • Flexible product (3 tier-rate for nearly every risk) and very competitive premium rates. Smokeless tobacco applicants are considered non smokers
  • Pick a Plan – Lifetime, single pay, 10 year pay, 20 year pay
  • NO Policy Fee
  • Milestone awards program for new partners
  • 24/7 Partner Website
Product Highlights:
  • 3 tier-rate for nearly every risk
  • Very competitive premium rates
  • Smokeless tobacco applicants are considered non smokers
  • Payment Options – Lifetime, single pay, 10 year pay, 20 year pay
  • Free Child/Grandchild Benefit up to $5000      
  • Accidental Death Benefit Option up to 100k to age 80
  • No Cost Living Benefits- Acceleration of payment if confined in a nursing home
  • Funeral Trust and Estate Trust options available
  • Free End of Life assistance program – “You’re Covered” Booklet

Contact us for more information or if you have any questions!