Increase your Outbound Calling Capabilities

Warm up your cold calling efforts with an easy-to-use dialing system

Getting hold of a targeted list of seniors to call is only half the battle for insurance producers who rely on telemarketing.  The other half is finding the time to dial through the entire list.  GarityAdvantage knows this struggle quote well and has partnered with to provide our experienced telesales brokers with a tool to help them substantially increase productivity and, ultimately, sales.

Meet the Auto Dialer on Steroids

Predictive dialers are so old school. With most ordinary sales, each agent is stuck with one measly outbound line. With PowerDialer CRM from SalesDialers, they can have up to four lines calling at one time. PowerDialer CRM is the future-forward subscription-based auto dialer that acts as an effectiveness multiplier. By bypassing busy signals, answering machines and no-answers, each agent spends more time selling.


Includes Intuitive Email Marketing

Send email blasts, schedule drip e-mails, or send ‘em on-the-fly to supplement your auto dialer efforts, and track results from coordinated campaigns. You’ll know when an email is opened, so you can call right away. Create and save templates, and include pictures and video.

Better Tracking, Helpful Reports and CRM Integration

With real-time reporting, the PowerDialer CRM multi-line dialer gives you an on-the-spot snapshot of calls, leads, and sales effectiveness. You can display the stats you most need to fine-tune your next campaign. PowerDialer CRM also integrates with most popular CRMs. Import leads from your CRM database (or CSV spreadsheet, or lead vendors with API integration). Then push updated info back into your CRM. Easily search, organize and manage leads and their contact history.

Access Millions of Potential Sales Leads

PowerDialers CRM includes access to an integrated database to build your calling lists fast.  Not cold lists, but clean, targeted prospect lists based on the parameters you specify. You’ll have access to over 30 million consumers and over 14 million businesses across the U.S.

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