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Getting Ready to Sell

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There are three components (contracting, AHIP certification, and Product Training) to be “Ready to Sell” Medicare Advantage (MA) for Mutual of Omaha Medicare Advantage Company (MOMAC) and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) for Omaha Health Insurance Company (OHIC).  All three components must be completed.


In order to sell Medicare Advantage and/or Prescription Drug Plans a MOMAC/OHIC contract must be signed and submitted.

You may now conveniently complete your contract request online through SuranceBay. Click here to request contrasting.

Product Training

Specific product training for each product (MA and PDP) must be successfully completed.


Specific product training can be found on SPA.

  • Medicare Advantage Link:
    Products > Medicare Solutions > Medicare Advantage
    > Product Training
  • Prescription Drug Link:
    Products > Medicare Solutions > Prescription Drug Plan
    > Product Training

Passing Score
Allowed three attempts to pass with a minimum score of 85 percent.

Notification of Ready to Sell
When MOMAC/OHIC has record of an executed contract and successful completion of both the AHIP Certification and product specific training:

  • Appointment notification emailed to MGA notifying them that the producer is ready to sell
  • Welcome packet emailed to producer notifying them that they are ready to sell
  • MGA can verify on Sales Professional Access MOMAC/OHIC state appointment status
  • If producer is contracting to sell Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans, three separate appointment notifications and welcome packets are sent to both the MGA and the producer
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