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Thank you for your interest in the
Medicare Select-a-Plan
Online Quote and Enrollment Platform

Medicare Select-a-Plan
Who is Eligible?

This system is available exclusively to brokers with one or more Medicare Advantage carrier contracts offered through GarityAdvantage.

Attest to Use the System Compliantly and Completely

Once you feel comfortable with both the system features and the compliant steps you must take to initiate a virtual sale, please review and attest to our compliance and system requirements in order to receive your log in credentials.

Virtual Sales Compliance*

I understand that I must obtain a Scope of Appointment before beginning any telephonic sales presentation

I understand that I must give a compliant sales presentation for any Medicare Advantage or PDP sale, as outlined by CMS.  At minimum, I must explain:

  • Summary of Benefits including cost sharing for all benefits (including Rx)
  • Provider and pharmacy networks, including limitations, referral requirements, in-network and out of network
  • Formulary, drug tiers, quantity limits, step therapy, prior authorization, late enrollment penalties
  • Drug coverage including: deductible, initial coverage, coverage gap, catastrophic coverage
  • Star Ratings

I understand that I must obtain permission to enroll the beneficiary into the plan discussed and get a legal digital signature from the beneficiary or POA to submit an enrollment

If the beneficiary has a Medicare Supplement Plan and enrolls in an MA/MAPD plan, I must advise them to cancel their Medicare Supplement Plan once the MA/MAPD is effective

System Features*

I agree to be responsible for reviewing my Ready to Sell (RTS) status for all carrier/state appointments in my broker profile. 

I agree to only submit enrollments for a state or product for which I am RTS and I understand that if submit an enrollment for a state or product for which I am NOT RTS, it will result in compliance violation

I have been trained in the use of the Medicare Select-a-Plan platform and I am able to use the following functions:

  • Update my broker profile
  • Create a client profile
  • Send/Upload a Scope of Appointment
  • Add medications and look up doctors
  • Quote & compare plans
  • Completing enrollment forms remotely
  • Obtain an electronic signature from the member
  • Send personal URL (PURL) for client self-enrollment.

By completing this form and providing your name, email, postal or residential address, and/or phone number, you hereby expressly consent to receive electronic and other communications from GarityAdvantage Agencies, over the short term and periodically, including email communications. These communications will be about their services, new product offers, promotions, and other matters. You may opt out of receiving electronic communications at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions contained in each communication, or by sending an email to You agree that these electronic communications satisfy any legal requirements that communications or notices to you be in writing.