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2017 Certifications
Launch August 11th, 2016


Wellcare Certification Portal
(Wellcare University)

WellCare 2017 ACT FAQ

 Wellcare University System Requirements



The 2017 WellCare certification training requirement consists of two parts:

    1) 2017 WellCare University Annual Certification Training (ACT)
    2) 2017 AHIP Certification via AHIP Medicare Training website

Part 1: Complete 2017 WellCare University Training
    WellCare University Website: www.wellcareuniversity.com

    2017 WellCare University Training includes the SM 2017 Mini-ACT 1099 Curriculum. The SM 2017 Mini-ACT
    1099 Curriculum consists of six courses and a mastery exam. Producers MUST complete the training modules in
    the order listed below.

        1. SM 2017 Welcome to Mini-ACT
        2. SM 2017 ACT WellCare Products
        3. SM 2017 Mini-ACT Effective and Compliant Selling
        4. SM 2017 Mini-ACT WellCare Member Enrollment
        5. 2017 WellCare iCare Compliance Training on Fraud, Waste and Abuse and HIPAA for Sales
        6. 2017 Cultural Competency for Sales
        7. SM 2017 ACT Mastery Exam

Part 2: Complete and Submit AHIP Certification to WellCare

To access your AHIP training, click into the AHIP site and log in.

WellCare will continue to offer a $50 discount for the 2017 AHIP Training. In order to receive the discounted rate from
WellCare, producers must complete 2017 AHIP by accessing the co-branded link:

Producers who successfully complete AHIP will be recognized by their National Producer Number (NPN) and a
Completion Transmission page will display to confirm completion of the course and automatic submission to WellCare

Upon successful completion of all training, your ‘training complete’ status will be sent to WellCare’s Producer
Certifications team.