Jumpstart your selling efforts using one of our targeted lead providers

Access leads for your Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, Turning 65, Final Expense and other senior products through our online portal.  Garity offers discounts from Direct Mail and Internet vendors.

Leads can come from a variety of sources.  What makes a lead program work can often depend on the preparedness you have to follow up on your leads quickly and persistently before the need declines in your prospects mind.   GarityAdvantage has partnered with several effective lead vendors to give you the variety you need to generate leads for your business.  Check out these top vendors:


Build and deploy your own targeted lead mailings at our low-cost volume pricing. Using our easy online portal, you can target your mailing pieces based on zip code, age range, income level and more.  Benefits of direct mail leads include: 

  • High Response Rates – 2%+ on average
  • These are Exclusive Leads direct to your inbox.
  • You own the responses, and no one else can see them.
  • Sample cards by email upon request


Due to our high volume, we can pass on these low prices: $395/1,000 mailers.  Get Started Today by Registering on the Lead Ordering Portal:


Customize a lead package based on what you sell and how you sell.

LeadsToClose has developed a lead generation platform that produces high quality leads that align with the type of seller you are.  Most insurance lead companies provide cookie-cutter solutions for generating business. At LeadsToClose, they understand that not all agents are the same.

Factors to consider when building your lead program include:

  • Do you sell insurance over-the-phone or face-to-face? An agent who sells over-the-phone should consider a higher-volume lead package. A higher volume/lower price option allows you to qualify and work more leads at a lower cost.
  • Are you focused on selling for a particular carrier or do you represent multiple carriers? Selling with a limited product mix results in the agent being unable to provide a shopping comparison option. For this reason, lead-to-sales conversations are lower and you should consider a lower-cost option to get a higher ROI.

The LeadsToClose insurance lead packages are designed for Agents that want to maximize their return-on-investment. Each package is different and caters to different types of workflow, commission structures and product mixes.


GarityAdvantage producers receive discounted pricing on all lead orders including a $50 coupon on your first $200 order. Click here for details.