Fallon 2018 Certifications

Agents have been emailed directly by Fallon your personal certification link with username and password.
If you do not have this email, call or email their Medicare Sales Operations Team
at 844-848-4931 (M-F. 8AM-5PM) or MedicareSalesOperations@fallonhealth.org

You were also emailed the 2018 Medicare Training Guide and Benefit Summary.
Contact Fallon above or us if you need another copy before you start your exam.

Compatibility Notes:

  • Best Internet to Use: Internet Explorer versions 9-11 work best, if not the most recent versions of Chrome or Firezilla
  • Pop-Ups need to be enabled

Special notes regarding the 2018 Exam Names:

  • Be sure to click on the exams that end in “V2”.  (See example below)